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Wood Diffuser: Iris & Tuberose

Wood Diffuser: Iris & Tuberose

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Hey Rainforest offers an alternative to traditional candles with their air fresheners, utilizing a blend of fragrance oils to craft an immersive and engaging olfactory experience. Their wood diffusers are practical, functional and cater to all your sensory preferences without the use of candle flames.


Iris & Tuberose combine to form a sophisticated bouquet, blending the creamy sweetness of iris with the lush floral richness of tuberose. The scent unfolds like a luxurious embrace, enveloping you in a captivating aura of elegance and allure.

Fragrance Group • Floral • Musky

  • Made using fragrance oils from Malaysia.
  • Available in 10ml or 50ml.
  • Each 10ml diffuser comes with a clip to attach onto your car air-conditioning vent.  


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