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Talu. Modern batik print

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HELLO 2021!

There is a glimmer of hope as we approach 2021.

shipoftime.com was frantically set up because of Circuit Breaker. Thanks to customers, who asked for products to be
made available during lock down, and for supporting small and local busineses, we started online.  

We need time to understand the digital arena. Traditionally, we are a brick and mortar, dedicated to building an engaging physical space
to inspire everyone visiting Shenton Way and Singapore. Please give us more time to figure out our direction online.
Thank you for your patience.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."
Jon Kabat-Zinn


Ship Of Time is an oasis tucked away in the hustle and bustle of city life, a home away from home, a third space to gather a sense of self.
At Ship Of Time, everyday feels like Sunday. It is a space carved out to showcase beautiful designs, handpicked by us. Each brand tells a
compelling backstory, and each of them standing tall on their own. We invite you to drift away inside our hidden enclave.

Abandon yourself, and breeze through a selection of timeless, slow-made and thoughtful goods.⁠

Officially opened on 21 Oct 2019, Ship of Time Lifestyle Store is an extension of our first brick and mortar, Essential Extra Gift Store.
Both stores are located side by side, #01-39/40 and #01-46 at OUE Downtown Gallery.

www.shipoftime.com is a combined effort of Ship of Time Lifestye Store and Essential Extra Gift Store merged into one online space.

Brand highlight

Ame hails from Bandung, Indonesia focusing on developing essential rainwear with lifestyle values. It is founded by product design scholars who have dedicated themselves to foster rainwear as a fashion in Indonesia. Indonesia is the perfect country to establish a rainwear fashion as it is a tropical country with at least six months of rainy season.  Rainwear is only seen as functional products and part of Indonesia's culture. Ame believes that rainwear does not have to be just functional while sacrificing its aesthetic values. Ame’s vision is to shape people’s perspective in rainwear, with a mission to make both highly functional with aesthetic valued rainwear. 
Talu belives in preserving heritage with a touch of hip. Their apparel are original batik wear, slowmade from Bali, Indonesia. Talu is artisan-made and ethical batik wear that brings back the age-old Indonesian cultural heritage with a modern twist through their creations of patterns, designs, and styles. Lovingly handcrafted, Talu is made easy for everyday styling. Talu's collection comes in organic materials designed to be minimalist, chic, and timeless to present batik as your daily style.
ANAABU is a fashion and apparel brand focuses on satisfying the fashion needs of both women and men. Every year we aim to produce seasonal collections to cater to our customers’ desire. Derived from the concept of beauty in minimalism, ANAABU is best described as an independent, sustainable brand that infuses soft androgyny into every inch of its creations. The brand works largely with linen and cotton as the neutrality of the texture is highlighted, and the details of each piece is well pronounced. Designing intimately with minimal adornment and muted colour, ANAABU reflects clean silhouettes making every pieces highly wearable; the perfect essential to a capsule wardrobe.