Essential Extra Gift Shop

Essential Extra is a little shop filled with love for design.
We embrace wholesome designs, supporting makers and designers,
regardless of their country of origin. Every design at our shop
is a result of thought and hard work.
We value slow-made. When we pace ourselves,
we open our minds to new ways to share, delight and inspire.
Come feel our designs up close and personal.
We love our little space and we hope you will love it too.
"My favorite things often have a story behind them
and are usually handmade or discovered ..."
Amy Sedaris


We practise wabi sabi - the acceptance of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent,
and incomplete. We recycle whatever we have - storage shelves, display tools,
carton boxes, tissue wrappers, plastic bags - with the intent of extending the
lifespan of everything we touch.

Bring your own bag. We strive to do good to our environment
in every little way we can.

If you were given a kraft paperbag for gifting purposes,
please bring it back. Help us give it a second life and more.


Most of our designs come with packaging.
We refrain from gift-wrapping on top of that. 

At Essential Extra Gift Store, we believe less is more. 
We go against the culture of excessive packaging. 
Less packaging, less wastage.

Packaging is important, but not at the expense of our environment.
Afterall, what matters is the content of the gift and not the packaging of gift.​


We sell good design and good design only.

Mass production is not our thing. Neither are we a discount store.
"Cheap" comes at a very high price for all internal stakeholders we work with, 
and this is unsustainable. There is a snowball effect when we squeeze our
designers. They in turn, squeeze their suppliers and makers. 
It is a vicious cycle we wish to avoid.

Good designs cost. Design is an arduous process that takes time to hone a craft.
We empathise, value and support designers and makers. In other words, 
we believe in doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.