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Soap Bar: Wild Ginger

Soap Bar: Wild Ginger

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Formulated from earth-friendly natural ingredients, Remedy's handmade soap bars are produced in small batches to guarantee ultimate freshness. Each bar is enriched with wholesome goodness, adhering to their commitment to sustainable and ethical consumerism.


Wild Ginger rejuvenates skin, leaving it soft and supple while providing a relaxing, spa-like experience. Perfect for revitalizing your complexion and soothing your senses.

  • This soap contains lulur powder, a traditional herb that leaves skin soft, supple and glowing. The pandan fragrance helps to relax the mind and body, improves mood and enhance your sensory experience.
  • Comes wrapped in sustainably procured brown paper, packed in a matching box made from recycled materials.
  • Add on a Sisal bag! 

    Crafted from 100% cotton, this natural sisal soap bag offers excellent exfoliation and foaming in the bath. With an outer open mesh surface and a softer inner weave, it caters to those seeking both gentle scrubbing and effective cleansing. Plus, it's perfect for holding leftover soap bits, reducing waste as it's fully biodegradable.



Soap Noodle, Lulur Powder, Glycerine, Coconut Panda Fragrance*

* Less than 2%


Suitable for daily use.

Rinse and Wet Skin, Wet and Lather Soap, Rub directly on Body with light circular motion to help exfoliate skin, then Rinse thoroughly.

Keep in a cool place away from direct light.


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