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Nest Mini Candle: Birch

Nest Mini Candle: Birch

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Crafted in Singapore, Nest Scented Candles are meticulously hand-poured using premium blends sourced from the USA. Whether you burning candles or diffusing oils in a burner, discover your perfect haven of tranquility with Nest.


Immerse yourself in a woodland escape with a fragrance that opens with the crisp, invigorating notes of pine, white birch, and cypress. The earthy richness of cedar and vetiver blends seamlessly with a refreshing hint of menthol. As the scent evolves, the warm, creamy undertones of tonka bean and the cool clarity of eucalyptus create a balanced and captivating aroma.



Top: Pine, White Birch, Cypress

Middle: Cedar, Vetiver, Menthol

Base: Tonka Bean, Eucalyptus

  • Made using premium soy wax and fragrance oils from the United States.
  • Burn time: 15 hours.
  • Also available as a big candle (only available in-store).
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