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“Better for you, Better for our planet.”   
In a world where the buzzword “sustainability” is prevalent and highly overused, Malaysian brand, Remedy, is one small, independent business
that truly makes an effort to ensure their practices are first and foremost earth-friendly, natural, and truly sustainable in every way they can. 

   Starting out with their classic handmade soap bars, Remedy does its best to adhere to ethical consumerism, with a deep consciousness of the impact production has on communities and the planet. Driven by a strong desire to create products made by Malaysians, for Malaysians, it is the brand’s goal to create local alternatives that are just as good as international products.

   Each soap bar from Remedy is enriched with wholesome goodness, coming up with scented soaps that are both pleasant to the senses and nourishing for the skin. These soaps are produced in small batches to guarantee ultimate freshness and to reduce wastage from overproduction. Making a point to work with local makers in Malaysia to develop quality creations that can be enjoyed guilt-free, Remedy’s belief in
collaborations to ignite change is thoughtfully expressed in one simple phrase, “work with more, we can change more.” 

   Remedy lives by 4 main pillars of brand philosophy, that helps to guide their brand goals and lead them to making a real difference in their community and in the world of indie retail. These pillars help to give a solid meaning to the expression “thoughtfully made.”:

Remedy has always pushed to move away from synthetics and opt for natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly ingredients, even ones that
have been upcycled and repurposed to create quality products.

The goal is to totally remove packaging wherever they can, but to keep in line with more feasible practices, Remedy currently looks to just reduce/upcycle packaging as much as possible.

Realizing that many sustainability efforts are left neglected due to a lack of knowledge, Remedy pushes to educate others on
sustainability practices that can positively impact the environment and help to spread the word on caring for our earth.

Local made
Remedy pushes for “local made”, a practice that engages local makers in using homegrown ingredients to create magical products that rival even international brands. By sourcing local, they reduce their carbon footprint and create a space for community efforts to make a better world.

   When Remedy began producing body and hair care products, they specifically chose to create soap bars because they found them to be longer lasting and thus, more economical than regular liquid soaps. They wanted to provide soap bars that contained no harsh chemicals, were
less resource intensive in production, nutrient rich with better absorption, and contained no microplastics. Having soaps with exfoliating
qualities was also a plus! 

   While Remedy soap bars come in several rejuvenating scents, each with their own nourishing benefits, we recommend our top 3 picks to
get you started on your journey using sustainably made body care products:

A Good Tone
A Good Tone reduces water retention and firms skin with its rich antioxidants and gentle exfoliation. Pamper your skin with its naturally derived goodness to achieve a toned, smooth complexion. This soap bar features coffee seed oil which helps to restore the skin cells, and is lightly
scented with lemongrass, giving it anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective against acne.

My Coffee Bar
My Coffee Bar, infused with anti-inflammatory properties, promotes blood circulation and detoxification, providing a spa-like experience at home. Wake up your senses with this invigorating blend of cinnamon and vanilla, leaving your skin refreshed and energized. This skin moisturising rice
milk soap is formulated with 100% natural rice milk extract and olive, cocoa bean extract and Vitamin E.

The Rose
The Rose helps de-stress and moisturize while simultaneously brightening your skin tone. Enjoy a calming, hydrating experience that leaves
your complexion radiant and refreshed. In addition to providing a gentle cleanse, glycerine and olive oil strengthens and maintains the skin's
natural hydration while stimulating cell renewal through exfoliation with the walnut scrub. Rose essential oil is great for de-stressing and
tackling dry skin. 

Being more earth-conscious in our living habits can start today, in small ways, even if it means choosing a more sustainably made product to
use in our day-to-day life. Small steps can lead to big results, and it’s all about being consistent in our eco-consciousness in hopes for a better future, through better choices. As Remedy likes to quote:

 "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." - Anne Marie Bonneau
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