-- Essential Extra: Who We Are --
We are no ordinary gift store.

Essential Extra is a destination for quality, design-led gift accessories
that are easy on the pocket, which busy people working in the heart of
the CBD can easily pick and go. In an age of information overload and time
scarcity, we unentangle and sift through mass and mess, and present only a
selection of well crafted, timelessly beautiful designs.

Essential Extra is personal, distinctive and inspired, adding an essential, extra
edge to your everyday and special occasion needs.

01.12.2018  |   Essential Extra Gift Store is our first brick and mortar shop and
serves as a showroom for WoonHung Natural Collection.

Believe it or not, this is an ongoing experiment. It started out as a collaborated
effort and a popup of three brands, three minds fused into one space. 

That flourished into what we are today - a gifting destination housing a selection
of well crafted, timelessly beautiful designs from various brands and designers,
hailing from across different markets. Because of my two dearest friends Eiko
from Lanterna Designs and Ferlicia from Azen Jewelry, who stood by WoonHung
from day one, we made it to what we are today.

Essential Extra Gift Store has a long way to go and remains a playground and a
delightful experimental journey. A place to try new things and hopefully inspire
people along the way.

Find out more about Essential Extra here and Instagram here.
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