-- Ship Of Time: Who We Are --

Ship Of Time is an extension of the first shop, built to house indie designers and
labels specialising in soft goods - apparel, home furnishing and accessories -
that are different from Essential Extra. Since the opening of our first shop, we
were delighted when apparel designers approached us. However, the retail
environment build for Essential Extra was not built to house apparels.
We felt a need to explore possibilities of showcasing unconventional as well as 
outstanding indie apparel labels to the forefront. Ship Of Time was formed for this reason.

The key difference between the 2 brick and mortars:
Essential Extra is about speed - a one-stop destination for your gifting needs in a jiffy.
Ship Of Time, on the other hand, is about stillness - soaking in inspiration in quietness,
taking the time to explore new grounds. Picking up one-offs we stumbled upon
during our travels. Handpicked by WoonHung, each and every brand tells a compelling story.

Retail is experiencing an uncertain but exciting shift. It may be difficult to
understand but worthwhile delving deep into. Ship Of Time, similar to
Essential Extra, is an ongoing experiment, evolving as the world shifts and
keeping in pace with the underlying rhythm of change.
This has always been WoonHung's mindset. Nothing is set in stone.
We can carve a new future, and breathe a new life to retail space.

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